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Cracked or Deteriorated Mortar Joints

As a brick wall ages, deterioration can occur in the mortar joints between the bricks.  Cracks due to settling, vibration, or water damage can appear.  If ignored these cracks can leak and allow water to enter the home causing mold growth, wood rot, and other water damage.  In most cases, ignored cracks will lead to further damage in masonry walls (see "spalling"), and eventually the masonry will need to be replaced.


In many cases, repointing is a sound solution for cracked or deteriorated mortar joints.  The damaged mortar is ground out using an angle grinder equipped with a 1/4 in. diamond blade to a depth of about 3/4 in.  This removes all loose and unwanted  old mortar and gives the new mortar room to bond.  Fresh mortar is then applied to the joint and tooled to a clean finish.
                        Before and After                      
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