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Stone & Stone Veneer

Stone (4" Bed)
When people talk about 4" stone, they are referring to the depth of the stone - that is the measurement from the front of the face to the back side of the stone.  Because of its bulky weight, this type of stone requires the proper foundation and footings prior to installation, which is why it is mainly used in new construction applications.  The stone can be natural or man-made, and it comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes.  Here are a couple of examples of 4" stone laid by Ted.


Stone Veneer
one Veneer can also be either man-made (cultured stone) or natural, but the difference is the depth of the stone is only 1in. as opposed to 4.  The relative light weight of stone veneer allows for a much simpler application.  No footings are needed and the stone can be applied to a (properly prepared) plywood or cement board wall.  You can install stone veneer virtually anywhere on the interior or exterior of your home without the need for excavation and installation of footings.  In many cases stone veneer can look as natural and attractive as the real thing.  Here are some examples of stone veneer installed by Ted:



Concrete porch looking tired?  Try flagstone.  Flagstone offers a simple fix to your pitted, crumbling porch without the need to demolish the whole thing and start fresh.

Finding the Perfect Stone

You can find a wide variety of stone and stone veneer at Patene Building Supplies on Wilton Grove or at Ferrell Brick and Stone on Colonel Talbot Rd. S.  Both stores have a showroom as well as take-home pamphlets to assist in choosing the right stone for you.
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