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Spalling is the deterioration and chipping away of the face of the brick or other masonry unit.  It is usually the result of the freezing and thawing of moisture trapped under the surface, but it can also be due to mechanical defects such as incorrect use of mortar type, or the deterioration of the internal anchoring system.

Chimneys and brick window sills are notorious for spalling usually caused by the cyclical freeze-thaw process.

Spalling caused by cyclical freezing and thawing of trapped moisture



The only way to properly repair spalling masonry is to replace it.  This may require removing individual bricks or an entire section of a wall.  Several courses of a chimney may need to be removed and rebuilt.  Parging over spalled masonry is almost never reccomended unless the cause is100% remedied, because it could trap moisture inside and cause the masonry to continue to rot from the inside out.   Every situation is different, and it is important to cunsult a mason.  Contact Reece Masonry and Restoration for a free estimate.
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