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Chimney Problems

It is very common for masonry chimneys to exibit signs of deterioration or damage, usually above the roof line.  Once the joints in the chimney cap degrade, or when the cap develops cracks, the integrity of the water-shedding function of the cap is compromised.  This allows water to enter the chimney, and the freeze-thaw cycle will begin, causing the bricks or other masonry to spall (see "Spalling").  

What to look for

- Chips and pieces of masonry that have fallen into the cleanout trap below the fireplace

- Water marks on the chimney, especially moisture after a rain

- Chalky white substance on chimney denotes moisture

- Leaks inside the home

- Spalling or mortar deterioration

- Cracks in the chimney cap (can often be detected from the ground)

- Broken flue sections, and any other cracked or spalling masonry 


Although some chimneys may only need minimal maintenance, oftentimes it is important for a damaged chimney to be taken down and rebuilt.  The masonry can be deteriorating from the inside, and flue sections may be cracked or broken and will need replacing.  If you have a woodburning appliance venting through the chimney, it is imperative to have the chimney repaired by a professional. 


When a chimney is demolished and rebuilt, it is important to make sure that the flashing at the roof line is repaired as well.  While many masons attempt to reuse the existing flashing (often damaged from the demolition), RMR employs a professional roofing contractor to install new flashing and make sure everything is sealed up properly. 

Metal Chimney Caps

A cement cap will have to be installed in pieces, which will require mortar joints that can deteriorate over a shorter period of time. To pour a solid one piece chimney cap is usually too expensive because it takes much more time to build the forms, pour, and return later to remove the form.  A
n aluminum cap will last indefinitely and will never crack.  Therefore a metal chimney cap will increase the longevity of your chimney.  RMR will install concrete/stone caps, but a metal cap is always worth the extra cost.

Chimney repair comprises 65% of work done by Reece Masonry and Restoration.  Contact Ted Reece for a free estimate.



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